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What Can Chiropractic Do For Your Pet?

With animal chiropractic being relatively new, most people are unsure if chiropractic is appropriate for their pets. Millions of people swear by their chiropractors, and it is now gaining popularity among pet owners. After all, pets are family too!

This drug-free, holistic form of treatment addresses dysfuction in your pet's skeletal, nervous and muscular systems, helping your pet achieve optimal health. This specialized, complimentary treatment, combined with regular veterinary care, can help reduce pain, increase range of motion, improve joint function, minimize injury, restore proper mechanics, enhance performance, and ultimately improve the quality of your pet's life!

Dr. Kendra Brough is certified in Animal Chiropractic and has been working with small animals since 2000. Dr. Brough treats small animals for chiropractic care at Holliday Veterinary Hospital located at 77 Cedar Street in Cambridge on Wednesdays from 4:00pm to 6:00pm as well as most Saturday mornings. A healthier spine, leading to a happier pet is only a phone call away! Please call 519.621.0251 to schedule an appointment for your pet.

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