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Small Animal Chiropractic

Like humans, animals have individual vertebral bones that misalign and cause nerve pressure and can they too can benefit with chiropractic care. Misalignments can cause a variety of symptoms and the most common is pain. Most pets respond quickly with care and in most cases they like to be adjusted. It's exciting to see an improvement in the animals behavior and Dr. Brough is told by the owners how good their pet seems to feel after the adjustments.

Signs Your Pet May Need a Chiropractor

  • pain / facial expression
  • change in behaviour / energy / sleep patterns
  • reluctance to be touched or picked up
  • change in stance / weight shifting / can't weight bear
  • change in sitting posture
  • change in gait / limping / shortened stride
  • doesn't walk as far
  • avoidance of certain movements / jumping / playing
  • reluctance to go up / down stairs
  • trouble getting up / down
  • discomfort putting collars or harnesses on / off
  • weakness
  • stiffness
  • change in muscle development
  • holding up paw
  • abnormal tail movements
  • jaw pain / difficulty chewing
  • decreased motivation
  • scratching / licking